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Ángel Sánchez
Smag Internacional Director

We are working in the sector or raw materials, minerals and residues since 2007. Along this time we’ve made hundreds of operations in the international market, and got clients all along the world.

Our main goal is the satisfaction of our clients working from starting, following and end of each operation.

We have large experience in international market of raw materials, and though we are very focused on minerals and residues of Zinc, Lead, Copper, Cobalt, Tantalite, etc, we’ve also involved in exporting coke, and interested in other type of raw materials and medium or final industrial products, like oxides or ingots.

You can confidence in our seriousness and professional work, sure that we know very well our job and we’ll support you to get success in the operation of purchasing/sale of industrial raw materials.

"Give us the chance to prove we are the best professionals for you"

Our address

Bº La Costera,1-1 C
39722 Liérganes – Cantabria (SPAIN)

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Fix phone: +34942528381
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